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At The Bellevue Laser and Cosmetic Center we take pride in taking the very best care of our patients, both physically and emotionally.

Actual letter to Dr.Diane Chiu :

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More Testimonials

“Getting a little older and a bit saggier? Is gravity your arch nemesis? Combat signs of aging with the best arsenal available; visit Dr. Chiu. It may be expensive, but aren’t you worth it? Besides, I highly discourage seeking discounts or “deals” on fillers or plastic surgery… Even Magic 8 Ball would tell you, “Outlook not so good.” Dr. Chiu is meticulous in her approach to aesthetically enhancing your beauty. She’s an artist who paints with a syringe. I had lines so deep between my eyes, they formed a number 11. My cheeks sagged like a bulldog and my eyes were sinking into black circles. With a bit a Dysport and Juvederm XC, my skin is tighter, fresher, and the lines have practically disappeared. Feeling like I look younger is wonderful, but the best procedure she has performed on me thus far is lip enhancement. My lips went from a veritable chicken beak to full, round, luscious, natural-looking lips that I now love to adorn with gloss to show them off! Dr. Chiu is a stickler about keeping a natural look. She hates over-filled faces and frozen expressions. Treat yourself to her services if you have ever thought of just a little enhancement to your face. It’s absolutely worth it!”

-Heather A.

“I had my first cosmetic treatment at the Bellevue Laser and Cosmetic Center today, and Dr. Chiu and her staff made the experience a great one.I went in to receive a consultation for my “wisdom spots” (seborrheic keratosis) and under-eye bags. Dr. Chiu was on-time, knowledgeable, and professional, and she made sure that all my concerns were addressed. When I received the facial filler injection to treat my under-eye bags (my very first), I was very impressed by the time Dr. Chiu put into making the filler look perfect and natural. As was mentioned in some of the comments below, Dr. Chiu really is an artist that does beautiful work.I also appreciated that Dr. Chiu was willing to perform both the consultation and the treatment on the same day. I was ready to go and was happy that I didn’t have to take time off work to come in for a second appointment. Bellevue Laser and Cosmetic Center, keep up the good work!”


“Nobody does lips like Dr.Chiu ! Not blessed with naturally luscious lips, I have had many different providers over the last 10 years work on my lips but nobody was able to give me exactly the “look” I had envisioned until I met Dr.Chiu I could tell that she had that “artistic eye” right away! No one else had ever explained to me that there is a specific ratio between the top and bottom lip that needs to be achieved for the most aesthetically pleasing results. Dr.Chiu actually listened when I described to her what specific shape I wanted my lips to have, and that is exactly what she gave me! She is a true perfectionist and it is obvious that she has a great passion for what she does. In me, she has a patient for life. No other provider will ever lay hands on my lips ever again!Thanks Dr. Chiu for giving me the lips I had always dreamed of just in time for my engagement photo session! What gorgeous photos they turned out to be!”


“I have been to Bellevue Laser a few times for laser hair removal. I see Nicki Vaseghi and her customer service goes above and beyond what I expect. For our first appointment, she discussed my health history and went into great detail to understand what my needs were. She spent 45 minutes getting to know me and my skin before even starting the procedure. She made me feel extremely comfortable and she was very knowledgeable about laser hair removal. I have had at least 6 appointments with her, and will not go to anyone else. Her customer service is unparalleled.”

-Caitlin C.

“I had been self-conscious about my acne scars since I was a teenager and always wore makeup to try to hide them. Three months ago, I finally decided to see Dr.Chiu . She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. She recommended the fractional CO2 laser to resurface my skin. I am a complete needle-phobe and she really put me at ease. The procedure itself wasn’t too bad and the crusting peeled off in about 3 days.I am totally thrilled with the results! Now, my skin is much smoother and my acne scars are barely visible. Not only that, the skin around my eyes looks “lifted” and the wrinkles are gone. This is the first time in years that I haven’t had to wear makeup! My car broke down recently and when the tow truck driver looked at my I.D., he commented that I look much younger in person! The best thing is, I am still noticing improvement every day!”


“Outstanding results of virtually removing/diminishing sun damage and age spots, especially from my face, have been achieved by Dr.Diane Chiu . My whole complexion has improved dramatically and has been complimented by family, friends, and other actors. I am a retired business executive who upon retirement pursued my passion of acting. On stage, especially when there are close ups and facial expressions, a clear, healthy, and glowing complexion is real plus. And in my off stage life, I also like to look as good as I can. In addition,Dr.Chiu has provided other medical dermatological services to me including : Checking and removal of pre-cancerous spots; Treatment of some eczema, skin allergies and even dry skin problems.I highly recommend Dr.Chiu. Her educational and professional backgrounds are stellar. Most important, she gets results.

- John N. Hartquist

Dr.Chiu is wonderful – she helped me become a gorgeous bride for my wedding! I saw Dr.Chiu about 6 months prior to my wedding. She was extremely knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. She tailored a treatment plan for me that included laser treatments and chemical peels to help repair my sun-damaged skin and lighten my freckles. Blackheads were gone and my pores shrunk in size. I had some botox around my eyes which helped to make them appear much bigger (I am half-Asian). The transformation over those six months were amazing and I never imagined I would look so good in my wedding photos. She has an amazing bedside manner and always educated me about the procedure and had the utmost concern for my comfort. Her Botox injections were painless and left no bruising around the delicate eye area. I highly recommend Dr.Chiu for any future brides-to-be.”

-Siri I.

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Fractional laser treatment can smooth the surface of your skin to offer you excellent results and a minimal downtime.
Lip Enhancement Solutions
Plumping up your lips is an easy way to improve your smile, whether your lips have thinned with age, or you’ve just always wished for fuller lips.
Darker Skin Solutions
I have the laser and cosmetic treatment know how to treat the unique challenges of patients with darker skin colors.
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