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By  Dr. Diane Chiu

I am excited to tell you about the newest dermal filler that we have added to our liquid facelift arsenal here at the Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center…Belotero Balance!

Belotero Balance is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler (similar to Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane) that became available late last year. The difference is that it is much softer and more fluid and is perfect for very fine lines and wrinkles as well as areas where the tissue is thinner. I have been absolutely loving it for tear troughs and the lines around the mouth. Before Belotero, I would tend to use Juvederm in these areas. However, there was always the risk of having more bulk than I would like. In the lines around the mouth, the fillers would often look like a little lump that end up having the wrinkle sitting on top. In the tear trough area, there would be a risk of a bluish bulge because the skin is so thin. I have not found these problems to be an issue with Belotero Balance. It is such a beautiful product and fills these areas without lumpiness or bluish discoloration. Also, it is fine enough to get into the small crevices that other fillers cannot physically get into. It also tends to cause significantly less swelling and bruising compared to other fillers. I have even used it in fine forehead wrinkles.

Belotero Balance can be used anywhere, however, it does not provide a lot of volume or bulk. I often combine its use with Juvederm or Radiesse. It is extremely safe and has been found to last about 6-9 months in clinical studies.  The price is the same as Juvederm Ultra XC and as always, there is a multiple syringe discount.  Make your appointment with me at the Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center and find out if Belotero Balance is right for you! You can also check out our specials, use your Brilliant Distinction points and enjoy proven savings. And remember, at BLCC, I will be the one who will be personally doing your injections. www.bellevuelasercenter.com/monthly-special

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One syringe of Belotero into lips and perioral lip lines

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