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Darker Skin Types

Why is Darker Skin More Difficult To Treat?

Patients with darker skin color, including people of Asian, Hispanic, Indian, African, and Middle Eastern descent, pose unique challenges when it comes to laser and cosmetic treatments compared to patients with Caucasian skin. This is because the natural pigmentation in darker skin can interfere with the various procedures leading to increased risk of complications such as blistering, skin hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, and scarring.

Our  providers understand these potential risks and offer laser and cosmetic treatments that are safer for darker skin types. “As an Asian woman and a cosmetic dermatologist, I’ve tried many of the treatments personally—and not always successfully–and am extremely aware of the potential complications and how to avoid them.” The majority of lasers at The Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center are ones that our providers have chosen to be safe for patients of all skin types. However, any laser or cosmetic treatment performed incorrectly or too aggressively will be problematic no matter what kind of equipment is used. “I am always very conservative when it comes to treating darker skinned patients. I also give careful pre- and post-treatment instructions to my patients to ensure the best outcome.” Our providers has spent many years specializing in the treatment of darker skin types and welcome even the most challenging patient.

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Darker Skin Solutions
I have the laser and cosmetic treatment know how to treat the unique challenges of patients with darker skin colors.
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