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Teenagers aren’t the only ones who suffer from acne. In fact, the majority of acne patients that Dr. Chiu sees are adults in their 20′s and 30′s. Unfortunately, there is no age limit for this embarrassing and potentially disfiguring disease! The Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center takes pride in the successful treatment of acne. We specialize in blending traditional medicine, adjunctive therapies, and technology to achieve optimal results.

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Broken Blood Vessels, Leg Veins & Vascular Lesions

Broken blood vessels and redness/flushing of the face is one of the most common conditions that we treat here at the Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center. The V-beam laser is the gold standard for treating this type of problem. We are fortunate to have the newest generation of this device which is faster, more powerful, and results in less or no bruising compared with previous models.
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Brown Spots, Freckles, & Age Spots

Brown spots, freckles, and aging spots are some of the most common cosmetic complaints. Depending on the nature and number of the lesions, the treatment options may vary. At The Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center, we offer numerous treatments for brown spots, freckles, and aging spots. Chemical peels such as alpha hydroxy acid, Beta Lift, Melange, or TCA may be helpful. Most brown spots and freckles also respond beautifully to IPL Photofacial rejuvenation. This procedure is safe anywhere on the body and is also safe for patients with darker skin with absolutely no downtime.
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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a socially embarrassing medical condition. Theatments may include potent topical antiperspirants, iontopheresis, oral medications such a Robinul, and Botox injections. Botox works especially well under the arms where the results can last up to 6 months! Dr. Chiu has extensive experience with hyperhidrosis. Call to make your appointment today!


Lumps and Bumps

Dr. Chiu is an expert at removing unwanted lumps and bumps in the skin. Types of skin lesions may include moles, cysts, lipomas. milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, syringomas, and Fordyce spots. She uses a variety of methods, depending on the type of lesion, location, and your skin type to remove the unwanted spots. Treatment may include surgery, CO2 laser, acid treatment, liquid nitrogen (freezing off), or electrodessication (burning off).



Melasma is a patchy brown discoloration of the face, particularly occurring in sun exposed areas of the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. The cause is unknown, but it is often associated with pregnancy (also known as the “mask of pregnancy”) and oral contraceptive use. 90% of people with melasma are women.
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Moles or “nevi” are composed of groups of pigment producing cells called melanocytes. They are important to monitor because of their potential risk for turning into malignant melanoma. People with more moles have an increased risk of melanoma.
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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin frequently referred to as “adult acne.” It is characterized by redness, broken blood vessels, and flushing of the face and scalp. Patients may also experience pimples, swelling, itching, and eye irritation. Rosacea can cause social embarrassment and patients often complain that their face is “always red” or “people think I’ve been drinking when I haven’t been.” Triggers for rosacea include sunlight, caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, hot liquids, and extreme temperatures. There is no cure for rosacea, but fortunately, there are many excellent treatment options available for patients today.
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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (striae) have always been one of the most challenging cosmetic skin conditions. They are caused by rapid stretching of the skin and occur during periods of rapid growth or weight gain. Sometimes hormones or steroid containing medications can lead to stretch marks as well. It is estimated that up to 90% of women who are pregnant will develop them. Up until recently, there was very little that we could do to treat striae.
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Unwanted Hair

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, or plucking your unwanted hairs? Do you struggle with razor bumps, razor burn, or ingrown hairs? IPL Hair Removal may be an excellent option for you! If your hairs are dark in color, then they should respond to this permanent hair reduction treatment. Generally, it takes multiple treatments to achieve the optimal results, but with each treatment, the number of hairs should become less and less. The good news is, there is no downtime with this procedure and the IPL Hair Removal system is virtually painless, especially compared to other laser hair removal machines. No anesthesia is required! Best of all, it is safe and effective for people of all skin colors. Call to schedule your free consultation today!



Warts are embarrassing growths caused by various strains of the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. They can be extremely stubborn and frustrating to treat. Most patients start with over-the-counter salicylic acid treatments such as Mediplast. However, they still may take months or years to resolve and can also spread to other parts of the body.
Dr. Chiu has seen literally thousands of challenging warts in her career. Because they can be so tenacious, she has developed an arsenal of treatment options. What works well for one person, may not work well for another. Depending on the individual, she may recommend prescription medications, liquid nitrogen, Canthacur PS solution, Candida antigen, acid treatment, Bleomycin, surgical treatment, laser treatment, or a combination therapy. Warts can be extremely frustrating, but with a little persistence, we can help you make them disappear!



Wrinkles on the face are caused by a number of different factors, including sun damage, aging, heredity, and smoking. At The Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center, we specialize in offering a variety of non-surgical cosmetic wrinkle treatments. Topical medications such as Retin A, anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, C, E, and beta-carotene, and alpha hydroxy acids should be part of the treatment regimen for almost all patients. Lighter chemical peels, such as alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid peels, are helpful for smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Skin Resurfacing Solutions
Fractional laser treatment can smooth the surface of your skin to offer you excellent results and a minimal downtime.
Lip Enhancement Solutions
Plumping up your lips is an easy way to improve your smile, whether your lips have thinned with age, or you’ve just always wished for fuller lips.
Darker Skin Solutions
I have the laser and cosmetic treatment know how to treat the unique challenges of patients with darker skin colors.
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